Dems Seek Collective Bargaining Rights For Cops, Firefighters

Rep. Ron Guggisberg (at the podium) and Rep. Mary Schneider (on the left) at a press conference for HB 1401

Update: The bill died in the House today in a 19-75 vote.

Unlike the vast majority of states, North Dakota doesn’t allow cops and firefighters to negotiate their wages and working conditions in an organized process known as collective bargaining.

Democrats want to change that with House Bill 1401. “There is simply no reason not to allow collective bargaining for our every day heroes,” Rep. Mary Schneider, the bill’s prime sponsor, said in an interview today. “We want police and firefighters to be able to express their opinions about what’s good for them.”

The bill, which is backed by police and firefighter unions, is expected to die in a House vote this afternoon.

According to Schneider and a bill co-sponsor, Rep. Ron Guggisberg, the bill received a “do not pass” recommendation from the Industry, Business and Labor Committee despite there being little or no testimony against the bill. The 12-2 vote fell along party lines.

Guggisberg, a firefighter himself, said in an interview he isn’t happy with how politicians treat first responders.

“Law enforcement especially has been used lately as political pawns,” he said. “When they need pictures, politicians show up and they have all these schemes to help public safety officers, and then once the campaign season’s over then the public safety workers are on their own.”


2 Comments on "Dems Seek Collective Bargaining Rights For Cops, Firefighters"

  1. Republicans want all the workers to toil for the scraps that fall from their masters’ tables, and be glad that a scrap or two might fall to them. I’ve had enough of that crap! There is tremendous dignity in labor. Our public protectors have earned the dignity to stand together as one and bargain for their just compensations and terms and conditions of service and employment.

    It is past time for us all to rise up against oppression of all types: Unjust labor laws, denials of rights based on religious/sexual/racial animus, and corporate domination in our government, just to name a few. The next election will be crucial as battles for our rights must be waged and won if we are ever going to remain a free state/nation.

    Target all of the legislators who vote against the people and let them know that if they don’t change their thinking and actions we will replace them. We will have to unite to carry this out, and we will have to stand together, no matter what. Everyone has to join in the actions or we will permanently lose our seats at the table of “the People.”

  2. Republicans: “We love law enforcement- until we have to actually like pay them and stuff”

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