Male Legislator Apologizes for Forgetting About Women

North Dakota Rep. David Monson apologized to his female colleagues on Friday for forgetting about them.

Earlier in the day, Monson gave a speech on the House floor cheerleading the leadership programs known as Boys State and Girls State.

“I guess a number of us may have attended one of these two great civic programs ourselves. I know of several of us who are past participants and I know of at least one of our colleagues who is a former governor of Boys State,” he said. “The senate has a Girls State governor in their chamber.”

Monson said that the current governor of Boys State requested that he ask “whoever was a member or participant in Boys State if they would rise so that we can get a little bit of a head count.” Several male legislators rose and received a round of applause.

What about the female legislators who attended Girls State? Any recognition/applause break for them? More than an hour later, Monson took the microphone again.

“When I asked everyone in the chamber who had ever attended Boys State to stand, I neglected that we have some possible Girls State attendees as well,” he said. “It was brought to my attention that we have some. If they would please stand up, I would ask their apologies. Thank you.”

You can watch the video here. Monson’s initial remarks are at 12:32. The follow-up is at 1:45:25.

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  1. Can these clowns do anything right?

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