Legislator Says Liberals Pose “Tangible, Militant Threat” to Democracy

The world according to Jake Blum is a very scary place.

Liberals, a segment of the population known for abstaining from gun ownership, pose a “tangible, militant threat” to this country, according to one Republican legislator from Grand Forks.

Rep. Jake Blum posted a juicy hot take on Facebook shortly after the Women’s March on Washington, decrying the “countless” people who were “violently assaulted” (as opposed to gently assaulted?) at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

It’s all just more evidence of the left’s extreme violent tendencies.

“We cannot forget that the activist left in this country has now become nearly fully-radicalized and presents a tangible, militant threat to our democratic institutions. With countless number of people violently assaulted at the inauguration (some of whom I know, merely because of who they voted for), our nation faces a dark threat that seems very unfamiliar and frankly un-American.”

Jake — have you heard of Xanax?

“With the media fully culpable, I think it’s time for liberals/progressives to apologize, admit they have a problem with a strain of violence and fascist-style intimidation/thuggery in their movement and begin to root it out.”

A strain of violence can be found in any political movement — even in conservatism. And considering they have all the guns, maybe we should be more worried about them.

Here’s Jake’s full take:

21 Comments on "Legislator Says Liberals Pose “Tangible, Militant Threat” to Democracy"

  1. Can this guy name one right he lost under Obama where things were relatively calm, then pussy grabber gets in and he’s got his panties in a bunch?

  2. I find it quite funny that you imply Xanax Is necessary for Jake, with the underlying point being that he’s acting volatile in some way, whilst the entire left is involved in a self-inflicted meltdown over a democratic election and rioting in the streets. The deflection is noted, and not bought. Own your ideology.

  3. Who wrote this? Nothing is worse than someone who writes a terrible hit job but doesn’t have the guts to put their name out as the attacker?

  4. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot

  5. Jake Blum needs to change his name to Jake Dumb. He is your typical republicant dumbass.

  6. Judge Thomas A. Davies (retired) | February 3, 2017 at 11:30 am |

    Proof you can live without brains

  7. This is one of the worst articles I’ve ever read. There’s a reason you were fired from the forum. Sad!

  8. This article is irrelevant. Why doesn’t the author take time to denounce the violence, like the riots at UC Berkeley? I’m not sure what “rights” Dakota thinks he lost–he’s wrong!

  9. A very reputable UND professor told me this guy nearly flunked out of political science, and had no real chance on the LSAT,now he’s proving it. !!!!

  10. Who ever wrote this article is a dumb ass.
    I heard he got canned.
    The writer needs zanex and a reality check.

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