Legislator Criticizes “Failed” Mean Read Editor

A real photo of Jake Blum.

Doing his best Donald Trump impression, North Dakota State Rep. Jake Blum took aim at Mean Read in a series of Facebook vomits today, calling blog editor Adrian Glass-Moore a “failed” journalist who was “fired” from the Fargo Forum.

Jake, a freshman Republican legislator from Grand Forks, lashed out after we published his recent Facebook rant about how progressives pose a “tangible, militant” threat to democracy. You can read that post here.

Initially, Blum was complimentary.


But it turns out he was not being sincere.

Posting on his Facebook page, Jake wrote about us, “He thinks he’s being cool and anonymous. It’s Adrian Glass-Moore, failed forum journalist.”

This blog is cool, but not anonymous. Info about the site, including who runs it, has been conveniently located on the “About” page since the blog’s founding last year. We’ve also been on radio talk shows and been cited by name in other publications (including Say Anything Blog, the Minot Daily News, LGBTQ Nation).

In keeping with his Trump impression, Jake tosses a lie into the mix:

“Guy was fired from the forum for a reason. It’s comical,” he wrote.

We were not fired from the Fargo Forum; we quit. Feel free to fact-check that with anyone at the newspaper, bro.

In a show of support, Jake’s friends agreed to comment on our original post, to really teach us a lesson.


Adrian Glass-Moore

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  1. Apparently North Dakota State Rep. Jake Blum has nothing better to do than troll on facebook all day. Is he posting that garbage while getting paid by ND taxpayers? *Lights cigar*

  2. Biting commentary.

  3. Keep up the great work Adrian !!! 🙂 With the stench of rancid port wafting through the hallways at the Forum, I would say you made a logical decision.

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