Bill to Let Military “Investigate” Judges Is Killed

Rep. Jeffery Magrum (R-Hazelton)

The North Dakota legislature has the cumulative IQ of a grapefruit. As a result a ton of really shitty bills are introduced each session.

One of them comes courtesy of Rep. Jeffery Magrum (R-Hazelton), who recently wondered aloud if abortion is illegal in North Dakota. (It’s not.)

Magrum’s House Bill 1313 proposed to give a panel of military officials the power to “investigate complaints against any judge in the state.” This is a power that currently rests the legal experts and citizens who make up the judicial conduct commission.

The bill was heavily edited before it came to a vote on the House floor on Friday.

“The original version of this bill would have changed the makeup of the judicial conduct commission by replacing all seven of those members with active or retired military,” said Rep. Karla Rose Hanson.

The State Bar Association was among those who testified against the bill. “Their concern was largely focused on how these changes would make the process less effective because it would remove anyone who had legal training from the judicial conduct commission,” Hanson said.

So the bill was amended into a completely different bill that would simply increase the membership of a special “hearing panel” from four people to five.

The amended bill failed by a vote of 84-5.

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  1. It’s so sad that our state capital has become a storage bin for the “village idiots” but as long as you have an R by your name…..

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