“Pro-White” Activist Says Fargo Catholic Church Is His Safe Space

Pete Tefft of Fargo is racist. (Source: Facebook)

Update 8/16/17: White nationalist Pete Tefft did an interview where he discussed how Jewish and black people are basically unable to share in a national identity with white people.

The Catholic Diocese of Fargo is trying to distance itself from a man who said the downtown St. Mary’s Cathedral is a safe space for his “pro-white” views.

Earlier this week, the Forum interviewed Pete Tefft about posters that have popped up that accuse him of being a white supremacist.

Tefft, who describes himself as “pro-white,” requested that the interview happen at St. Mary’s. The reporter also photographed Tefft while in the cathedral.

This was done without the church’s permission. When the article hit newsstands Saturday, Bishop John Folda spoke out:

“I wish to express my outrage and objection to the article on the front page of the February 4th Fargo Forum. The subject of the interview, a Mr. Pete Tefft, insisted that the interview be conducted on the premises of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fargo without permission of church authorities, which most certainly would not have been given, especially given the contents of the story and the message presented by Mr. Tefft. The views of Mr. Tefft in no way represent the Catholic Church or the Diocese of Fargo.

“Mr. Tefft and the Forum’s abuse of this place of worship is regrettable, and any confusion it has caused is their responsibility.”

Folda doesn’t condemn Tefft’s views; he’s just mad that the church was used without permission.

In response, Tefft said: “I love St. Mary’s and the Fargo/Moorhead Catholic Diocese. It was the only place I felt safe and spiritually secure discussing Pro-white issues with the press.”

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  1. Somebody should introduce him to Roxane Salonen. They seem like the perfect couple.

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