Quiz: Medieval Misogynist or Forum Columnist?

Roxane Salonen was the subject of a "phony" letter to the editor.

Roxane Salonen’s writings on religion have made her the Fargo Forum’s most controversial columnist. Many of her opinions seem like they were plucked right out of the 15th century. To prove this point, we present: “Quiz: Medieval Misogynist or Forum Columnist?” Try to figure out which of the following quotes were written by Salonen, and which were written by someone during the Middle Ages. Find the answer key at the bottom.

1. “Jesus’ mother, Mary, provides a model. In many ways, she is the ultimate feminist. … Though softer in her presentation than, say, Gloria Steinem or, ironically, Madonna, she is certainly not lacking in true power, which emerges not through the shaking of fists, but by pointing the world to her merciful son.”

2. “Our worth as women goes so much deeper than our ‘reproductive rights,’ transcending to our value as beloved daughters of God. Though equal to men in dignity, women, when claiming our ‘feminine genius,’ as John Paul II called it, are uniquely life-giving. At our best, we are also relational experts, adept at building up and encouraging others and leading one another – and the world – to life.”

3. “The gay friends with whom I have talked longest about this also happen to have a deep faith in God… They tried the gay lifestyle and came out empty, thirsting for something more. … These particular friends made a decision to live their lives giving to others, not in marriage but in a life of celibacy.”

4. “Our lack of regard for life comes with harrowing implications. When quality of life reigns over sanctity of life, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll be the one being asked to sacrifice our lives for another, more suitable citizen.”

5. “Even those who wish to remove God from the public square will confront, at some point, the truth that without morality, the human being grows unintelligible. Ignoring our moral compass will find its end in our own self-destruction.”

6. “Moving about this big, beautiful world, we all have a chance to enjoy the thoughtful gestures of God. And yet lack of recognizing the true giver misplaces our gratitude, makes it incomplete. As a grateful guest, I concluded that those without God would by default be capable only of being an ungrateful guest, or at best, one half-hearted in appreciation.”

7. “The name Adam Lanza became notorious after a school-shooting rampage in Connecticut in December 2012 that resulted in 28 corpses, including his own. … Adam Lanza’s life did count for something good. Maybe that’s not the way it ended, but it is the way it began, and there is value in that, not just for the Lanzas but for all of us.”

8. “I understand the Red River Women’s Clinic sees itself as a business, and finds those who come with prayers and brochures a disruption to their bottom line. But keep in mind the nature of this particular business — it profits from the annihilation of small humans and lying to women, telling them the violent parting of their children from their womb is a good ‘choice.'”

9. “Marriage is the union of a man and a woman. … Rewriting the definition of marriage, while not changing marriage reality, presents a dangerously more adult-centric institution, minimizing the rights of children to be born into a family with their mother and father united in marriage.”

10. “The escorts down at the Red River Women’s Clinic are more like wasps — wily wasps. … If they were being honest with their clients, they wouldn’t feel the need to, like wily wasps, congregate so thick when the women enter the sidewalk, purposefully using their bodies as a shield, that we prayer advocates can’t share our words of life and hope with the women.”

All quotes written by Roxane Salonen.

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  1. Jesus Christ. Foolum Communications is trying to get their employees to take buyouts? Why this demented nutjob is allowed to earn a paycheck is beyond insanity.

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