“Murder Bill” Gets Butchered by Senate Committee

State Sen. David Clemens, a Republican from West Fargo

A bill to legalize shooting people in the back was given a unanimous thumbs down by a panel of lawmakers yesterday, the Fargo Forum reported.

Senate Bill 2315, dubbed the “murder bill,” was introduced by State Sen. David Clemens (R-West Fargo). The bill would make it legal for you to:

  • kill someone even if you could safely avoid it by retreating
  • kill someone to prevent them from causing $100 worth of damage to your stuff
  • kill someone who’s running away from you

When Clemens appeared on local radio last month, we called in and exposed him for not knowing the language in his own bill.

Officials representing North Dakota prosecutors and defense attorneys testified at the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday that the bill “would justify the use of deadly force against people committing minor property crimes,” the Forum reported.

Committee members gave the bill a unanimous “do not pass” recommendation. It will now go to the entire Senate for a vote.

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