Trump: Dakota Access Pipeline Isn’t Controversial

Dakota Access pipeline protesters being sprayed with water.

Whether you’re for or against the Dakota Access pipeline, there’s no doubt it’s controversial. It’s the fucking definition of controversial. Anyone who cannot see that is brain dead.

Enter Prez Donald Trump. After recently instructing the Army Corps of Engineers to give the pipeline the green light, he said this, according to ABC News: “I don’t even think it was controversial.”

Yesterday, the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, which opposes the pipeline because of concerns over water contamination, pledged to keep fighting.

“Dave Archambault said Tuesday that the tribe will challenge in court the Army’s decision to halt further study on the pipeline’s crossing of the Missouri River in North Dakota,” KFGO reported. “Archambault says even if the pipeline is finished, the tribe will push to get it shut down.”

Not controversial? We’ll see.

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