Rob Port Is a Troll on a Payroll

Blogger Rob Port

North Dakota media insider Rob Port, who blogs for Forum Communications, has the easiest job in America: he sits at a computer and criticizes without citing evidence.

He’s a troll on a payroll.

A perfect example came yesterday in an article he wrote in response to the controversial decision by Senate Republicans to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren as she spoke against the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for attorney general.

Port, who argued that Senate Republicans made a mistake, described Warren as a “fool” who was “ranting” against Sessions.

He called her speech against Sessions a “tirade” by someone who lacks “adult behavior.”

With that kind of criticism, you’d expect some evidence. What was it about the speech that was childish? What about her was foolish? How was it a rant?

Port doesn’t offer a single quote from the speech as an example. If you actually watched Warren’s speech, you’d see that she makes a methodical case against a nominee she deeply disagrees with. She cites Sessions’s record. She cites public statements that have been made by other people about Sessions (including a letter by Coretta Scott King that so offended Senate Republicans that they voted to formally silence Warren.)

If you don’t like Warren, fine. If you think her speech was shit, fine. But if you’re going to call her or anyone names — and do so while on the payroll of the state’s largest media organization — you should be making at least a basic effort to back it up with some substance.

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  1. Port is an assclown. Sad time in America when an assclown can be paid to be an assclown, which speaks volumes about what a joke Forum Comm is.

  2. Just goes to show how worthless Forum communications is employing this son of a bitch and that other jackass Roxane. Anyone still paying this rat company for a subscription would be wise to cancel it immediately.

  3. “We Shouldn’t Force Students to Read the Federalist Papers” Rob Port
    My post on his blog:
    “Rob Port, really? You get your info from one Tweet?. I understand how much you enjoy expressing righteous indignation, and the outcries of your followers. The misinformation in many of your editorials is pathetic.
    “HB1337 would have required that high school students be taught about the Federalist Papers,” not read them in their entirety, as part of the curriculum of one class which also includes “the relationship between the federal government and state and local government as well as separation of powers as it relates to various levels of government.”

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