Senate Kills “Murder Bill”

State Sen. David Clemens, a Republican from West Fargo

A bill to legalize deadly force in a variety of unnecessary scenarios was killed in the state Senate yesterday.

Lawmakers voted 42-4 to defeat Senate Bill 2315, which would have made it legal for you to:

  • kill someone even if you could safely avoid it by retreating
  • kill someone to prevent them from causing $100 worth of damage to your stuff
  • kill someone who’s running away from you

Introduced by freshman Sen. David Clemens, a Republican from West Fargo, the bill received a unanimous “do not pass” recommendation from a panel of legislators and tons of criticism from the public.

“The reason for this bill was a reaction to increased crime that some have experienced,” Sen. Diane Larson said on behalf of the Judiciary Committee.

“The committee thought this bill went too far, however, by allowing someone to use deadly force against another who is taking their property,” she said. “The bill states that an individual is justified in using deadly force against another individual to prevent or terminate unlawful entry or trespass, or to prevent stealing or damaging property, even if the lawbreaker is fleeing.”

Clemens claimed that his bill would only permit deadly force in self-defense. But Larson pointed out that killing in self-defense is already legal.

“Currently, if a person is in fear for their life or the life of another person, they are justified in using deadly force, but not just to protect their property.”

Now it’s just a countdown until the next stupid bill Clemens introduces.

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