WDAY Radio Takes Ratings Hit After Hiring Rob Port

Blogger Rob Port

Last year, conservative blogger Rob Port wrote about the “ratings slide” of “left-wing” KFGO Radio, Fargo’s most popular radio station.

He wrote about KFGO’s decline twice in 2015, too.

But when the Fall 2016 Fargo-Moorhead radio ratings were released last month, Port stayed suspiciously silent. Why? Maybe it’s because KFGO experienced a 19 percent ratings increase, from a 9.5 share to a 11.3 share, giving the station a commanding lead in the local market.

Meanwhile, WDAY Radio, which put Port on the air at the beginning of September, took a 10 percent dip in the ratings, from a 4 share to a 3.6 share.

We’re waiting for Port to write about KFGO’s success.

The latest ratings. Source: Nielsen

2 Comments on "WDAY Radio Takes Ratings Hit After Hiring Rob Port"

  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath on any “fair and balanced” reporting from the assclown Port when it comes to KFGO or WDAY. That’s just standard operating procedure for most of the rightwingers.

  2. NDSU Rob Port fails at everything he does. I had no idea that assclown was even on the radio. Apparently his inbred band of idiot blog followers don’t even bother to listen to the clown haha

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