Piepkorn Spreads North Dakota’s Anti-Refugee Message to France

Dave Piepkorn moonlighting as a bodyguard

Dave Piepkorn, a Fargo city commissioner who refuses to disclose his stance on climate change, was recently interviewed on French television about his views on refugees.

Piepkorn has painted refugees as burdens on the taxpayers and dangerous too.

“If you don’t have control of your country and your border and all those things, then you really don’t have a country, it’s just a place,” Piepkorn told France 24.

The report continues: “The city commissioner wants to repeat on a local level what the U.S. president has tried to impose on a national level. He supports a bill that would allow his city to refuse any new refugee arrivals.”

That bill, in the North Dakota state legislature, was scrapped earlier this month, so clearly the report is a bit stale. But it’s still worth watching. Particularly for this brief debate on a downtown Fargo street between Piepkorn and a passerby named Ron Gaul.

“As the court said, ‘Where’s the evidence’?” says Gaul, referring to a recent court decision blocking Trump’s immigration ban.

“So you think in Fargo, we should not be worrying about it?” Piepkorn says.

“I worry more about this Nazi who’s around town,” Gaul says.

The Fargo Forum recently wrote a profile of a local “pro-white” activist named Pete Tefft. We haven’t heard Piepkorn make a stink about Tefft. Could it be he’s too busy pointing fingers at brown people?

And by the way, refugees are crossing our northern border. But they’re going in the opposite direction that Piepkorn is worried about. They’re going from the U.S. into Canada.


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  1. Did Piepkorn’s lapdog NDSU dropout Rob Port follow him over there?

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