Guess What Chris Berg Keeps on His Desk

KVLY-TV Anchor Chris Berg, best known for using an anonymous Craigslist ad as a source of information, keeps a Trump bobblehead on his desk.

Courtesy of a tipster, you can see for yourself:

The bobblehead fits in well at KVLY; the Fargo news outlet loves to stoke fears about refugees just as much as Trump does.

We emailed Chris about it, but he didn’t respond.

3 Comments on "Guess What Chris Berg Keeps on His Desk"

  1. Berg is the mouthpiece of assholes. Chris Berg’s career is as pathetic as his crappy office.

  2. Chris Berg is a Sean Hannity wannabe. A small time chump is a small time media market with big dreams and a bigger ego.

  3. Word on the street – Doug Burgum is now hiding under Berg’s desk.

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