Legislator Apologizes for Complaining About Constituents

State Sen. Scott Meyer (R-Grand Forks)

Grand Forks residents voiced their concerns about a variety of issues — namely state budget cuts — at a legislative forum over the weekend. One of the legislators in attendance took to Twitter afterward to complain about how annoying it was.

“The Pontification Festival is over. Not many questions asked to the legislators, but we were lectured. Great way to spend a Saturday,” State Sen. Scott Meyer wrote on Twitter.

After people pointed out that listening to constituents is his job, Meyer apologized on Sunday.

This has been another installment of the recurring Mean Read series, “Unforced Errors.”

2 Comments on "Legislator Apologizes for Complaining About Constituents"

  1. Why did he “sincerely apologize” Ralphy? More fake news? LOL

  2. Here’s an idea: if you don’t like taking heat from constituents, then don’t run for office!

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