Kevin Cramer Talks Josef Mengele, ISIS and Unborn Children

Kevin Cramer

Master of obfuscation Rep. Kevin Cramer parried the questions of an angry crowd with the agility of d’Artagnan at a town hall today.

Somehow he managed to touch on Josef Mengele, ISIS and unborn children while avoiding such questions as, How will I afford health insurance for my children? and, How are we going to pay for Trump’s agenda?

One highlight was when he gaslighted attendees by accusing them of showing disrespect to a woman when in fact the crowd was supporting her.

He really is a pro.

Cramer started things off at Beans Coffee Bar in Fargo with a “long-winded pat on the back to himself,” as one attendee put it, about how he’s more accessible than most congressmen.

But being accessible is worthless if you refuse to directly answer questions, as Cramer proceeded to do.

When one woman asked if he supported proposed changes to Medicaid, which would financially hurt her family which includes two “severely disabled” boys, he wouldn’t answer “yes” or “no.”

When members of the crowd started yelling at him to give a simple answer, he said they were being very rude to the woman who asked the question.

“Listen, people!” he said. Then he told the woman, “They don’t mean harm.”

Of course they don’t mean harm; they just want you to answer the fucking question.

In response to her concerns, he said, “I don’t personally believe that’s the case.”

The shitshow continued with Cramer reading a question, which he claimed not to have read beforehand, that compared Planned Parenthood to Nazi Germany.

“The notion that abortion is only three percent of what Planned Parenthood does is akin to Josef Mengele arguing that Auschwitz mainly provides transportation,” Cramer read.

He then took a question from the audience. A woman stated her concern about efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, to which Cramer answered, “Talking about preying on the vulnerable, what about the unborn children?”

The big crowd, which spilled into the street, couldn’t help but laugh and boo and otherwise chime in during many of Cramer’s answers. While most attendees were clearly anti-Cramer, a couple “Hillary for Prison” shirts were spotted among the crowd.

One man asked how Congress plans to pay for tax cuts for corporations, the construction of a wall to keep out Mexicans and other expensive things currently being floated in Washington.

“That would be funded a number of ways it is not determined, by the way, at this point,” Cramer answered rather unhelpfully.

“It’s either cut or tax!” yelled someone in the crowd who clearly has a better mastery of economics.

Cramer praised the president, calling him “a business person who actually understands” — only to be drowned out by laughter.

“He knows how to make things go bankrupt,” someone yelled.

The town hall ended with a question about racial and religious unease in the country. “We feel insecure right now: Muslims, Jews, minorities,” one person said. “We feel like the government doesn’t see us as your citizens.”

Cramer’s attention quickly turned to ISIS. “ISIS is everybody’s enemy,” he said.

He also claimed that Trump’s ban on immigrants from the Middle East wasn’t religiously motivated.

“There’s no religious test,” Cramer said. ‘There wasn’t in the travel ban.”

In other words, the seven countries that were banned were Muslim-majority countries only by coincidence.

Though these town halls are undeniably entertaining, and there should be more of them, it would also be productive to have Cramer sit down, “60 Minutes” style, with a journalist in a public setting for an hour-long grilling.

One possible first question could be, “Kevin Cramer, how old is the Earth?”

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  1. Kevin Cramer you are an absolute disgusting disgrace you loudmouth fool. If stupidity and ignorance was a crime you would be jailed for eternity you jackass.

  2. you forgot how he said that ND law enforcement just saw to the “peaceful removal yesterday” of “many protestors and Veterans from the camps south of Minot (Standing Rock)…many of whom were homeless Veterans, very sick people, mentally sick people.”

  3. “There’s no religious test,” Cramer said. ‘There wasn’t in the travel ban.”

    Yeah, anyone can come here as long as they are not Muslim. But no religious test. And Cramer is representing us in Washington.

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