Legislator Coins New Term: “Go-Smoke-Dope Card”

Oley Larsen. (Facebook)

Sen. Oley Larsen (R-Minot), who tells it like it is, has come up with a new name for the registration cards that will be used for medical marijuana in North Dakota.

“It’s not a registration card, it’s a go card. It’s a go smoke dope card. I can go smoke dope on the corner here,” he said on the Senate floor Wednesday.

“It is illegal to smoke dope in North Dakota as far as the feds consider it. And that’s what this is: this is smoking dope.”

The medical marijuana bill passed the Senate despite Larsen’s objection.

8 Comments on "Legislator Coins New Term: “Go-Smoke-Dope Card”"

  1. You just can’t make this stuff up. “Oley Larsen”, this is the stuff of late night comedians and he is literally so stupid you don’t even have to make up the Norwegian jokes, just let him roll and record the dumbness. With any luck, his wife Lena will get elected to the state legislature, and maybe his buddy Lars could get in too.

  2. I just love how people can scream “States Rights”, then turn around and support Federal laws when it benefits them.


  3. Smoke medicine. Regarding the feds: Maybe he should educate himself on the Cole Memo and a recent statement from WH Press Secretary, Mr. Spicer, that medical use of cannabis, including smoking the medicine, will not be targeted by federal enforcement. In 2014, Congress passed limitations on federal enforcement funding re medical cannabis laws.

  4. Ask Oley why he is no longer employed by the Minot School system. Interesting story that Oley doesn’t talk about.

  5. What in the hell is going on in Minot? Are they all inbred hicks over there? Because their representitives “Oley” and “Roscoe” certainly are.Those 2 losers and that stupid jackass and NDSU dropout Rob Port bring down the IQ in Minot below zero.

  6. What a horrible comment. Tell that to the children with seizures, the many who live in chronic pain, people on their deathbeds physically suffering . . .

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