Fargo Legislator Asks How Many Were “Paid” To Attend Cramer Town Hall

Fargo Rep. Randy Boehning

State Rep. Randy Boehning (R-Fargo) is suspicious of the residents who attended Congressman Kevin Cramer’s town hall meeting in Fargo on Thursday.

“I wonder how many were bought and paid for by Obama’s new organization?” he asked on Facebook.

Source: Facebook

We’re not sure what Obama organization he’s referring to, nor do we particularly care. Apparently he finds it hard to believe that real concerns could have motivated people to show up.

Paul Owens, the GOP chairman for south Fargo’s District 27, which Boehning represents, replied, “Probably at least a fourth. That group was so noisy, rude, and showed no social skills at all.”

Boehning is known for ranting online. During the presidential campaign he complained about “lying bitch Hillary” Clinton.

5 Comments on "Fargo Legislator Asks How Many Were “Paid” To Attend Cramer Town Hall"

  1. I don’t need to get paid to say what I got to say to an asshole like you everyone says you have been a shit from the start so why should you change now?Not everone takes money for doing things

  2. The real question is how much dirty oil money that lying asshole Kevin Cramer and jackass John Hoeven recieved from Big Oil. That inbred piece of shit Rob Port doesnt want to touch that one.

  3. I feel for any North Dakotans with a propensity for truth and equality. The lies about protestors is being spread to distract and detract from real damaging issues.

  4. This is hilarious coming from the Tea Bag idiots who were funded by the Koch Bros.

  5. So disgusted with politicians like Cramer . Republicans have forgotten about all the rude and noisy tea party people. I’ve been in 3 demonstrations because I feel strongly about what is going on politically in this country. No, I’ve never been paid or have even heard about any offers for payment .

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