Kevin Cramer Lies About Town Hall Crowd “Shouting Down” Woman

Kevin Cramer speaking at a Fargo town hall on Thurday. Source: Twitter

Shortly after taking questions from an aggressive crowd at a town hall meeting on Thursday in Fargo, North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer went on the radio to lie.

Speaking on WDAY Radio, Cramer made up a story about the crowd “shouting down” a woman who asked a question about her children’s healthcare. In fact, the crowd loudly applauded her question and shouted at Cramer because he wasn’t giving a direct answer. (We’ve included two videos of the question, from different angles.)

“During the town hall some hecklers were shouting down a young woman telling a very touching story about her child with pre-existing conditions, so much so that you couldn’t hear her,” Cramer said in the radio interview on Friday. “And I found that, of course, very rude and I said, ‘Please, people, be quiet, this woman deserves to be heard.’ ”

This is not what happened, as video from the town hall clearly shows. A woman who described having two sons who “are severely disabled and they utilize Medicaid” asked Cramer: “Are you in favor of Medicaid block grants that would force people like me out of the workforce to stay home and care for my son?”

The idea of “block grants” is being pushed by conservatives as a way to cut Medicaid costs and replace the Affordable Care Act. According to NPR, “many health policy analysts say that block grants could lead to reductions in care.”

When the woman asked her question, the crowd didn’t shout her down. They actually applauded her. Like a typical politician, Cramer didn’t answer right away, preferring to say “thank you” to the woman for showing up to the town hall early. That caused people in the crowd to yell “Yes or no?” in an attempt to get him to answer the question already.

In response, Cramer accused the crowd of being rude to the woman. “Listen people, we’re going to show respect for these people,” he said. Later, when he got more heckles because of his handling of the question, he lashed out again: “Listen people, you owe this woman more respect than this!”

“You owe her an answer,” someone in the crowd yelled back.

Cramer then had the audacity to tell the woman, “They don’t mean harm,” as if he was her knight defending her from a crowd… that was on her side.

Later on, the woman followed up on her initial question. Again, the crowd did not shout her down; it applauded her.

In response to her concerns, Cramer said in part, “I don’t personally believe that’s the case.”

Cramer, skilled politician that he is, decided to distract from the question itself by accusing the crowd of shouting down the woman who asked it. He should have been called out on the lie during the radio interview, but the host, Rob Port, is a known bootlicker.

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  1. That liar Kevin Cramer and his inbred pal Rob Port are perfect for eachother. Lying sacks of shit and Putin lovers.

  2. It was obvious that Congressman Cramer couldn’t or wouldn’t answer her question. He used the ploy that the crowd was disrespectful to stall for time. His big point was that Obama Care didn’t work. But it is going to be replaced with a bigger, better, cheaper but secret health care plan. For a party that was going to get rid of everything right away and so critical of what is in place, they seem to be short on information. Time to stop being dictators and start compromising, I’d say. Work together and stop puffing like a bag of wind!

  3. Paula lindekugel-Willis | February 25, 2017 at 8:38 pm |

    Okay, the biggest problem here is that Cramer has no idea How to be a public speaker. Explain the question as he understand it, then give an answer. The audience was supportive until Cramer could not directly give an answer.

  4. Block grants for Medicaid will work as well as privatizing prisons and diverting education dollars to private and charter schools. A few people will get rich off of government dollars while eliminating services and humiliating the poor.

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