Fargo TV Station Sponsoring Apocalyptic “Prophecy Conference”

Paul McGuire is an expert on the "Luciferian Elite." (YouTube)

Interested in the “Secret Rule of Planet Earth by the Luciferian Elite?” Then you will love the 2017 Red River Bible and Prophecy Conference, which takes place this weekend.

The conference, whose theme this year is “Are We Living In The Last Days?” has several local sponsors, notably KVLY-TV. It seems fitting that a media outlet known for its fear-mongering is sponsoring a conference about the end times.

Other sponsors include major Fargo landlord Goldmark Property Management and Dr. Richard Arness, a Sanford Health podiatrist.

The event will feature “internationally recognized prophecy expert” Paul McGuire talking about the “Secret Rule of Planet Earth by the Luciferian Elite.” Author Roger Oakland will discuss “An Urgent Message for the Last Days Church” and “Proclaiming the Gospel in the Midst of Last Days Apostasy.”

Director Chris Pinto will speak on “The True Christian History of America.” And Pastor Mike Hoggard will talk about “Generation Armageddon.”

If that isn’t enough to whet your interest, take a look at the full conference schedule.

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  1. I was wondering what that nonsense was. They must have also sponsored that God loving astronomer they kept advertising the past 2 months as well. Will Chris Berg be attendance with his tinfoil hat and Trump bobblehead doll?

  2. I think Scientology has about as much to offer at least in terms of credibility and sanity.

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