Fargo Businessman Who Discriminated Against Immigrants Opens Coffee Shop

Businessman Mike Stevens. (mikestevens.com)

After advertising that he would hire only “U.S. born” employees at his Orange Julius, which is illegal, Fargo businessman Mike Stevens has opened a coffee shop.

The Fargo Forum’s article on the new cafe, Fargo Coffee, does not say if immigrants will be discriminated against there, too.

North Dakota law bans discrimination on the basis of national origin. Stevens either forgot or didn’t care when he flouted the law earlier this year.

He posted a hiring ad for his Orange Julius store at the West Acres mall that said in part, “We ask that you only apply if you are U.S. born,” WDAY-TV reported.

Stevens told WDAY “he just wanted to make sure he had qualified applicants who could communicate easily.”

His ban on foreign-born candidates would have applied to at least one North Dakota state senator: Janne Myrdal, who was born in Norway. Apparently Myrdal’s good enough to write the state’s laws — but not good enough to work at Orange Julius.

Stevens removed the hiring ad after being told it was illegal, WDAY reported.

8 Comments on "Fargo Businessman Who Discriminated Against Immigrants Opens Coffee Shop"

  1. In the age of Trump, “Orange Julius” is a really appropriate name.

  2. I won’t be buying my coffee there. And was liking forward to a new north side location

  3. Just another place to avoid giving my $ to.

  4. What a terrible crime, to want to have employees who can speak understandable English. I would go out of my way to patronize this shop.

  5. That’s a definite boycott

  6. Marty Mason, He didn’t advertise for workers with understandable English. Lots and lots of foreign born Americans speak better English than lots and lots of native born US born Americans. Indeed, if what he wanted was to attract well spoken workers, he might take some language lessons himself, because he certainly didn’t make that clear in the ad he wrote and published.

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