Police Shield Kevin Cramer’s Office From Planned Parenthood

Police guard Cramer's office. (YouTube)

Police prevented a Planned Parenthood representative from delivering a petition to Rep. Kevin Cramer’s office in south Fargo on Friday.

“This building, this parking lot and all of this is all owned by somebody else and he has asked that you do not come on his property,” a police officer told Amy Jacobson, who works for Planned Parenthood in North Dakota.

“As constituents we’re dropping off information with our elected official,” Jacobson said.

Jacobson tried to deliver the petition as a group of Planned Parenthood supporters lined the public sidewalk near Cramer’s office. She said the petition, urging Cramer to support Planned Parenthood, was signed by more than 800 North Dakotans.

Police told Jacobson the office was “closed” and offered to deliver the petition for her, but she said she would prefer to mail it. Police also said that any cars in the parking lot “that are a part of this” could be towed at the property owner’s discretion.

“Right now he’s being totally cool,” one officer said of the property owner. “If he comes out and says, ‘If anybody steps onto my property I want them arrested’ … then we start taking people to jail and we really don’t want to do that.”

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