Radio Host Upset That Senator Hoeven Denounced White Supremacists

Scott Hennen, left, and Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.)

A recent interview with Sen. John Hoeven about white supremacists ended abruptly after radio host Scott Hennen kept badgering the senator for his criticism of President Trump’s slow and bad response to Charlottesville.

Hennen, North Dakota’s favorite conservative talker and naked mole rat impersonator, claimed that Hoeven’s criticism of Trump helped Democrats.

“Our callers, our listeners are concerned that when you and Sen. Rubio and others are critical of (Trump) … that you’re sort of giving more voice to the Left, that why do Republicans pile on President Trump when it just makes his agenda more difficult to accomplish?” said Hennen.

“Scott, I think there has to be a clear message here. A clear message that we will not tolerate Nazism or white supremacy. That’s it, period,” Hoeven said, a point he’d already made in the interview several times. Hennen still didn’t get it.

“But what do you say to the people, North Dakotans, that say, ‘Senator Hoeven, why are you joining Democratic criticism of the president?'”

“Scott, I think I’m speaking clearly and I think North Dakotans think the same thing.”

Hennen still wouldn’t let it go, so Hoeven walked away from the mic, ending the interview.

Last week, Hoeven publicly criticized Trump for waiting two days to condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis after their deadly rally in Charlottesville on Aug. 12, saying that the president¬†immediately “should have been very clear that we need to condemn any kind of white supremacy, neo-Nazi group.”

Hennen believes it’s better to let white supremacy slide than to side with Democrats.

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