mike nowatzki

Gov Burgum’s Lawyers Work for Free

Gov. Doug Burgum is still “pursuing ways” to refuse his government salary — and despite lawyers being involved, the gimmick is not costing any money, his spokesman told Mean Read yesterday.

Burgum’s PR Man Still Reporting for the Fargo Forum

Political reporter Mike Nowatzki is still writing for North Dakota’s largest newspaper chain despite having accepted a job as a spokesman for Governor-Elect Doug Burgum several days ago. Nowatzki pledged allegiance to Burgum on Monday, after several months of covering…

Political Reporter Goes From Covering Burgum to Working For Him

It’s the case of the hack turned flack. Today, North Dakota’s leading political reporter announced that, after months of covering the governor race, he’s been hired as a spokesman for the winner, Doug Burgum. “Doug Burgum is a visionary who…